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Badri Narayan

The existence of the temple of Badri Narayan the ghat is known by this name. This temple replicated the original temple of Badrinatha in Kumaun Himalaya Uttarakhand. This is an example of spatial transposition of pan-India sacred sites in Kashi. It is believed that by taking bath at Badri-Narayan ghat and visit the Badri Narayan temple, the devotees will get the same merits as they get while visiting the original Badrinath dham in the Himalayas. The associated water-front sacred spots according to pauranic sources are Nageshvar Tirtha and Narayana Tirtha. On the occasion of full-moon day of Pausha (December-January), a special festivity in honor of Vishnu in the form of Nar-Narayana is celebrated. Also, on 3rd light-half of Vaishakha (April-May) is known for a sacred bath ceremony at this ghat.

The temple related properties along the ghat are owned by the Badrinath temple trust; the houses and other properties by the inhabitants; and the ghat area is owned by the Municipal Corporation.